Game Over!

Do you feel powerless in the face of illness or do you feel empowered in spite of it?  In the previous post we began to explore the fact that Lupus May I is all about  choice.

No one can snatch the power we may have given to lupus back for us.  We must choose to take it back.  We will have to repeatedly make better choices  as we change destructive patterns into healthy ones.

For many people it takes asking themselves questions such as:

  • What will be good for me today?
  • What do I think I can carry out today without making my situation worse?
  • Where do I think I could go?
  • Can I stretch myself a little today?
  • What fun thing can I do for myself today?

For me, I have certain things I have committed myself to do. These things make me feel empowered.

  • Doing the laundry
  • Feeding my family
  • Keeping the house picked up, the bills paid

Thorough cleaning is not top priority. Gone are the days of cleaning the house from top to bottom every week.  Think of all the money I have saved over the last 8 years on cleaning supplies! Kidding aside, I enlist the help of my family to do the cleaning. That is a blessing.

There are days when I have no strength but have a need to do laundry or feed my family. On those days I go in my sewing room shut the door and pray.  Some days I  cry and pray.  There is a verse in the bible that says:  My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. 2 Cor. 12:9a (KJV). I  literally give  my weakness to God in exchange for His strength.  Time and time again He strengthens me for the task at hand.

I must say I never ask to clean my whole house in a whirlwind three hours.  I try  to work within my limitations though my family would definitely beg to differ with me.  I stretch myself and sometimes pay for it the next day.  I make the decisions. I choose what will be done and not be done. I do not ask lupus for permission to do anything.  There is no more Lupus May I and it is absolutely exhilarating.

I challenge you to learn about yourself. What you can and can’t do. Begin to stretch yourself a little farther from time to time.  Remember to be good to yourself and do something fun everyday. You won’t be sorry.

For me personally, I would never make it through without God, His Word and His Spirit and the people He has put in my life.  Family, friends, pastors, doctors and the list goes on.  I am so thankful for His many blessings.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Until next time….Leslie Rose K

Mission Statement: To help people reclaim their lives body, soul and spirit after a diagnosis of lupus/chronic illness.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Brenda on November 23, 2010 at 3:58 PM

    This was a great post Leslie! We all have our limitations but without God in my life I would never survive! He gets me through everyday and always has. I get up every morning and decide what it is that I want to get done for the day. If I get all done on my list that is wonderful, if I get part of my list done, that is wonderful too. I am just learning to delegate some help from my family, harder for me since my husband works around the clock at his job and on the farm. I do get my sons to help out here and there but I no longer get up every morning and clean my house from top to bottom either. Don’t have that energy anymore, but do have the energy to keep it picked up. So that is a good thing! Many blessings to everyone and have a thankful Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for my God and my family and friends, well so many things to be thankful for that is for sure!! Blessings, Brenda


  2. Posted by Kathy on November 23, 2010 at 8:58 PM

    Leslie, we all have our limitations and I find it hard sometimes to remember that. I don’t have the faith that you have and sometimes I feel guilty about that but I do know that God is there to help me when I need him. He has gotten me through some very bad times. My husband does more than his share which I am very thankful for. Without him, I could not make it. I don’t have lupus but I do have RA and my problems are very similar to people with lupus. I hope to have a great Thanksgiving holiday and try to eliminate what stress that I can. Kathy


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