Low pressure days

I couldn’t believe it was happening again! My husband took much longer to prepare the room than expected.  We were already on a tight schedule and now precious time was being lost as my husband fussed to get the air compressor up to the required PSI (pounds per square inch aka: pressure). With the compressor on the front porch and the nail gun in the house, I helplessly watched him go in and out the door again and again while trying to get the compressor working properly and testing the nail gun.

This project was proving to be no different from any of the other projects we have undertaken in our home. My husband always tells me things will be  more involved than I think they will be and will take longer than I expect them to.  He is right. They do.

With a small window of time to get this project done, I was ready to hop in the van, go to a big box store and rent another compressor since the flooring store was closed for the weekend.  Just as I was reaching my limit he discovered the problem.  A valve, hidden on the underside of the compressor, was open. He closed it and we were up and running.

The last time we installed a wood floor we could not get enough pressure from the compressor. Again, we lost a lot of valuable time.  That was not as easy a fix because the problem was due to the humidity my husband said. Either way when you have to rent the equipment and only have so much time off work to accomplish the task, you feel the pressure of passing time.

While I was waiting for him to finish all the prep work I managed to have quite a productive day. I did laundry, worked on several projects for the quilt group I belong to, I made dinner and homemade brownies for the “installer”.  When my turn to help finally arrived, I could feel myself slowing way down  but I managed to push through and do my part. After my husband went to bed I got a strong second wind and was up several more hours working on my quilt project.

The next morning the wind was howling and we were in a cold snap. My joints were aching and fatigue set in from the day before and from days of an erratic sleep cycle.  I could not even drag myself to church.  It is amazing that after eight years with lupus I am still plagued by what every other person that struggles with lupus is plagued with-pacing myself when I am having a good day.

It is like the pressure in the compressor.  Some days I am up to full pressure and can accomplish what needs to be done and  extra. Other days it is like I have a leak somewhere and there just isn’t enough pressure to get me up and running.  And yes, I do bring some of it on myself sometimes.  Even so,  those can be discouraging days if I let them be.

I try extremely hard not to get discouraged when I am having a low pressure day.  For me,  the best therapy is to do something I  feel good about such as reading a good book or making some cards.   Experience tells me, I will feel like myself again in the near future.

Be blessed, Leslie Rose K

Mission Statement: To help people reclaim their lives-body, soul, and spirit-after a diagnosis of lupus/chronic illness.

email: leslie@dominateyourdiagnosis.com

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  1. Posted by Brenda on December 9, 2010 at 11:44 AM

    What a perfect analogy with the air compressor Leslie! That is exactly how it is, some days you can go and go like the energizer bunny because you are up to pressure and other days it is all you can do to get out of bed and move because no pressure is getting through. I know that when I’m feeling good I don’t pace myself like I should because it feels so good to be my old self again even if it is short lived. I have learned to try and pace myself, but sometimes that isn’t possible. So I go with the flow and tried to manage the Lupus best I can. When I’m not managing well I try to rest up watching a good movie, working on a craft at a snails pace or reading. All which give me great pleasure. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!!


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