Up and OUT of the Wilderness

There have been several times in my life, where I can compare my journey, to traversing a wilderness or desert perpetually at midday. It felt as though I was being overcome by the dryness, heat, and isolation.

I can remember the depth of isolation,  living alone in a boarding house at 16. In the following decade, the scorching sun was bearing down on me day in and day out, as I walked through a marriage that was disintegrating. In my thirties, I miscarried my son at 16 weeks.  Still grieving a year later, I would go to the altar of our  church Sunday after Sunday and weep. I was in a dry, hot, and lonely place before God met me there one day.

There have been other wilderness times….but none quite like the one after my hospital stay 9 years ago. (see biography)

When I got lupus, I was catapulted right into the wilderness. Coming out of the hospital I was totally drained and could not function. I would sit in my chair day after day looking to God. As I read the bible, I discovered a verse that would become my lifeline and “lupus” verse.

Who is that coming up from the wilderness leaning on her beloved? Song of Solomon 8:5a ESV

Being on your own at 16 can change a person. It made me very self-sufficient.   I found I could no longer lean on myself as I once did. I did not have the inner strength to carry myself through this new way of life. Though there were people who cared, they could not carry me through it either.

I found that the heavier on leaned on God and His Word the easier it was to walk on this new path. I often tell people-lean heavy on God, He can bear the weight, He will not leave you to wither up and die alone on the desert floor.

Case in point: during the last months of my dad’s life he traveled through a wilderness called cancer. I watched God send  people to encourage him, love him, comfort him and feed him delicious food. God did not leave him to wither up and die alone on the desert floor.

Whatever desert or wilderness experience you may find your self in, take heart, there is One who longs to meet you there.  He will let you lean on Him, and will help you walk up and out of the desert.

The purpose of my blog is to encourage people: body, soul and spirit. I have focused a lot on the body and soul over these months and want to spend more time on the spirit. I would not do you justice if I did not share all of what  helps me cope with life’s challenges and with autoimmune disease. I hope you will continue to follow my blog as I strive to encourage and bless my readers-body, soul and spirit.

Blessings to you…Leslie Rose K


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4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Brenda on June 20, 2011 at 8:31 PM

    Thanks for this great post today Leslie! I have in the past and present leaned on God. I’m sure that I will lean on Him in the future as well. As a matter of fact, I can’t remember ever not leaning on God. He is my strength to get me through lifes hardships. He nurtures my soul and lifts my spirits. God is good!!!


  2. Posted by Sarah on June 21, 2011 at 11:17 AM

    Leslie, I did not even know you had a blog! This is incredible and very well written. Beautiful. I especially love the connection to the beloved coming out of the desert. Thank you for sharing! I will be adding you to my favorite blog links now 🙂


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