Sunscreen and Memory Problems

Summer is certainly flying by.  I hope you are protecting yourself from the sun and somehow staying cool.  As for me, after 9+ years, I am so tired of slathering on the sunscreen.  We went to Annapolis a few weeks ago and I was extremely hot, covered in sunscreen from neck to waist.

Annapolis Naval Academy

Two other things I deal with on an ongoing basis are some memory issues and word retrieval issues. I have seen a neurologist and have had an MRI along with  some other tests.    Thank God, nothing showed up on the tests. The  doctor suggested not  focusing on the problem, stating  it should then begin to happen less frequently. That  turned out to be good advice.

These days I usually catch  the wrong words I say or write.  I try not to get embarrassed or offer an explanation any more in public.  When I cannot recall words or sentences, I wait.  Usually, they  eventually come to me, otherwise I simply move on.

If you are having similar problems there is a lot of great information out there.   You can  Click here to read a good  article from The Lupus Foundation of America about the nervous system.  Unfortunately, even doctors cannot always seem to agree on what is going on with someone dealing with lupus.  I have had this problem several times. Most of the time, in the end, it was lupus.

Next time, I will write about  thinking everything is lupus. I bet you have heard that line more than once from a doctor.  Why not share with us the times you have been told “not everything is lupus’.

In the meantime stay slathered up and have a great rest of the summer.  Keep in mind, a little dab won’t do you when it comes to sunscreen.   This summer, I’ll have to work harder at following  my own advice!  If you enjoy reading this blog, click here to  Subscribe by Email.

Blessings….Leslie Rose K

Header photo taken by Leslie Rose K…recent view out our backdoor

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kathy on July 22, 2011 at 7:50 PM

    Leslie, good blog. So much truth in what you say. Hope things go well the rest of te summer. Kathy


  2. Posted by Kathe Garoffolo on July 23, 2011 at 8:31 AM

    Hi Leslie! Thank you for sharing. Sometimes it is hard to know if “everything is” — in our case– Lyme disease. But, with chronic illnesses, you just have to keep praying and pushing on. There is no other alternative. Have a great rest of your summer!!!

    Love, Kathe


  3. Though I don’t have lupus, a dear friend of mine does. I also relate to your experiences in chronic illness in general (including the memory issues – glad I came across that one today!)
    Thank you for posting.

    I’m looking forward to your post about “thinking everything is lupus” as I think those of us with any chronic problem tend to write everything off as part of the elusive whatever-it-is-that-we-live-with.



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