Getting Rid of Negativity Once and For All (?) Part 2

I love this quote that is at the end of each of my blog posts.  The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude. –William James (1842-1910)

“William James was a pioneering American psychologist and philosopher who was trained as a physician. He wrote influential books on the young science of psychology, educational psychology, psychology of religious experience and mysticism, and on the philosophy of pragmatism.”(Wikipedia) He was one of the first to discuss free will and it’s implications for the individual.

This quote says to me, that I do not have to be at the mercy of negative thoughts that want to drag me down, discourage me, or even debilitate me. Whether you deal with an autoimmune disease such as lupus or not, there is certainly no shortage of negative thoughts. They come storming into our minds. They sneak into our minds disguised as other things.  In some cases, they try to take up permanent residence  in our minds.  We do not have to succumb to them.  We can choose not to walk in agreement with them.

If the pain, discouragement, disillusionment etc.  you live with daily makes it hard to see anything positive in life, perhaps Tony Robbins’ powerful exercise Emotional Flood, will help “reboot” you.   If it is out of your comfort zone, watch it one time first. Consider trying the exercise yourself when you feel ready.  Keep in mind, most of us have no trouble getting in touch with all the negative in life.

When I saw this exercise, it reminded me of something I do sometimes when I am singing in church.  In my thoughts, I  travel back through my life. Sometimes  I think of  the many times that God intervened in my life, other times, the many blessings that I have been given, or the times when I felt God close.

I am sure you realize by now, that the  Grace Journal  is a great tool, but it is not enough.  There are many resources available to help change our thought patterns-people, music, words, books and media etc.  For me, two of the most influential sources of  help come from God’s Word and the Word as it is preached through my pastor each week.  There is life in God’s Word that I cannot find anywhere else.

As we fill our minds with positive influences we will find our thoughts become more positive.  We will begin to feel better and have more energy.  We will even be more pleasant to be around.

Can we get rid of negativity once and for all? If we choose to exercise our free will we can alter our life by altering our attitude and reclaim our life after a diagnosis of lupus/autoimmune disease.

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Many Blessings….Leslie Rose K

2 responses to this post.

  1. I feel everyone goes through some kind of negativity at some point in time, but it is if we choose to keep the negativity in our life that is un-normal. I have decided early in my childhood not to live with all the negativity that life had thrown at me. I wanted to be happy and I knew that other people weren’t responisble for my being happy. I was, I was responsible for how I felt about thing, I was responsible for finding good in everything. Was it easy? No it wasn’t, but is life ever easy?? I knew when I was a young child that God was with me, he had a plan for me. And let me tell you there were plenty of times that I just didn’t understand what his plan was for me and I still don’t. I knew I had to trust in God, He would always led me down the right path. That is the way I feel as an adult living with Lupus today. I know God has a plan and I am along for the ride. So yes, I have my little bouts with negativity at times, but I shake it off by trusting in God. My Grace journal helps too, because in my journal I give thanks to God at the end of my things that I am thankful for. It helps me, He helps me and I know if I’m in pain, it means that I’m alive. When I stop feeling pain, well then I’m not living anymore. So yes, the pain does get the best of us, but at least we know that we are still living and it could be a whole lot worse. I am thankful for my time with my family and friends because we don’t know how long any of us have on this earth so I want to cherish it while I can. With that said, it is ok to feel some negativity once in a while, just don’t dwell on it and let it consume you. Thanks for a great blog post Leslie. I always look forward to them.


  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Brenda. It is all a learning process. Isn’t it?


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