Lupus and the Central Nervous System

It has been extremely hard to focus on a blog post with my daughter home from her second year of college.  I am counting down the days that we can spend together.  Even she, has made being home, a priority.

I recently read a post from an informative  blog I follow, Lupus, the Adventure Between the Lines, that I thought would be great to share with you.   Most people dealing with lupus struggle with at least one of these problems.

  • lupus brain fog
  • central nervous system involvement
  • peripheral and autonomic nervous system lupus

I struggle with some of the issues in the post, having  gone for an MRI  at one point and neurological testing. I found this article very informative.  I wish  doctors were a little quicker to recognize certain lupus symptoms in us and discuss them more freely.   It can be  frustrating when they don’t.

For me, brain issues are an ongoing struggle I  try to keep in perspective, and do not discuss with  most people.  It can be  demoralizing when people continuously tell you they have the same problem.  If you struggle with lupus fog, memory problems or word retrieval problems etc. due to lupus, I highly recommend you read this article.  Be encouraged, you are not alone.  If you need someone to understand your dilemma,  I highly recommend connecting with others who have lupus.

So what is the big deal  with my daughter being home from college? In a few days she will be heading off to camp to work.  She will return the third week of July for 4 days and then go overseas for a year.  She will go first to India, on an internship, then to China for her junior year of college.  I do not think any of us feel prepared for what this will be like.  Our only child across the globe (she has never even been on a plane before!).

There is much to take care of. My body is struggling, my heart is in some turmoil.  At least she will still be in PA. for a couple more months.  Right now, it is just good to have her home.

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Until next time, many blessings….Leslie Rose K

2 responses to this post.

  1. I too have read this blog Leslie and I was stunned because I felt like she was talking about me and my symptoms. Symptoms that I really thought were other health problems. But after reading this I realized that it is all the Lupus in the central nervous system. I too wish that the doctors were more up on this and we could talk. As it is now, I am told “we don’t know that is what the problem is”. I do know now more than ever after this article. I plan on printing the article out and taking to the doctors with me and asking about it. I feel we need to educate the doctors to a point too.

    I know how much you are struggling with your daughter going away overseas. I pray that all will go well and she will be back home in the states in the blink of an eye. It is hard to stop being a mom. Once a mom always a mom. Blessings-Bren


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