Resolution Failure or Success and Lupus Part 1

It is almost the end of January,  by now most new year resolutions have gone by the wayside.  People have become disenchanted, it was more difficult than expected.  They did not have a plan, no road map on how  to get from point a to point b.  It became too hard, too fast.  Does this sound like you?   Do you still  make resolutions at the start of a new year?   According to Statistic Brain,  45% of people make new year resolutions with 8% of these people reaching their goal.  That equals less than 4% of the population making and meeting a new year resolution.

I found it interesting that people who make a resolution are ten times more likely to attain their goal than those who do not make one.  (Statistic Brain) By the way, resolutions are not just for January 1st. Last year I made mine a few weeks into the year when desperation took hold, and I had no choice, but to act.  More on that, next post.  (No, it was not the number 1 resolution to lose weight, though it should have been.)

For people living with  autoimmune diseases, the list  of resolutions might look a little different than the top 10.  See Statistic Brain.  Most resolutions will have to be modified, will likely take longer and need more resolve to stick with it.  Unless someone lives with lupus, Sjogren’s, or another autoimmune disease they will have no idea what an endeavor it could be for us to accomplish certain resolutions.   Sometimes the people we live with do not  understand.  Sometimes we struggle with the adjustments that need to be made.   It is a life long process.

So what exactly is a resolution?  The root word here is resolve,  an action word that means to come to a definite or earnest decision about something, or to have determination.  Basically, it means making up your mind to do something.  Setting a goal is another way to look at making a resolution.   I found when I set a goal I tend to have a different attitude toward it.

Have you been afraid to set goals?  Are you discouraged with things in your life? Your weight, your lack of physical activity?  Perhaps it is the rut you are in, or the cleaning that keeps being put off?  Any number of things can weigh on us that we would like to change. It is easy to feel defeated before we even begin.  I believe, as we explore this together next time, you will come away with some ideas that could put you on the road to resolution success.

Your homework is to think about what resolution you have you made in the past, consider the outcome and whether you were happy with it.  If you thought you could not fail, what would you resolve to work on this year?  Feel free to leave comments and get the conversation started.

Jessie Wilcox Smith: Book

On a personal note, I am sorry it has been hard getting back into the groove of writing after a busy holiday season and dealing with the physical repercussions that come with the  winter weather.  I hope you are getting through the season without too much difficulty.  Don’t forget, be  kind to yourself, rest, and do some fun things.

My prayers are with you….Leslie Rose K

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Brenda on January 27, 2013 at 9:00 PM

    I don’t normaly make New Year’s resolutions because I don’t follow the crowds. I do however set small goals for myself from time to time and try to meet them. I’m afraid that I’m a bird that flies to her own music. lol Great post and food for thought Leslie! Take care and remember to be kind to yourself too!!


    • I think there are many people who do the same thing you do. It can get discouraging making resolutions that simply fall by the wayside. Setting small goals that we can actually accomplish is a good way to go. Just liking eating an elephant. ; ) Thanks for the input.


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