30 Posts of enCOURAGEment Post 23

Another week has come and gone.  In a few more days my 20-year-old daughter will return from 11 months overseas.  For me it has been a year filled with many emotions as my only child went from a 5 week internship in India, to her junior year of college in China, to touring several countries alone during her long winter break.  (Before last July she had never even been on an airplane.)

Now that it is almost over, I can say it went by fast.  While I was going through it, there were days that the time dragged by.  Thanksgiving was probably the worst.  By Christmas I had adjusted a bit better but still missed her immensely.  As time went  on, I learned to live with the void that this brought into my life, in spite of Skype.IMG_2118

Living with chronic illness is a lot like my experience with my daughter.  It was really rough in the beginning.  I couldn’t get a handle on the whole thing.  Everything had changed overnight and  I couldn’t get my mind around it.  It seemed to take forever for my body to stabilize and for me to get on the upswing.  Then the tough part came.  I had to learn to live with the void that lupus, and then sjogrens, brought to my life.

One of the definitions for void is the quality or state of being without something.  Related words are

defectiveness, detriment, disability, failing, fault, impairment, weakness; deficiency, deficit, imperfection, inadequacy, inadequateness, incompleteness, insufficience, insufficiency, lack, need, shortcoming, shortfall, want  (Merriam Webster On Line)

This pretty much describes it.  Autoimmune disease has changed my life just like it has changed yours.  What happens after that is up to us. We can either let the void mold us into a stronger person, or we can let it consume us, and ruin any chance of a fulfilling life.  This is why I selected the name Dominate Your Diagnosis for my blog.  I knew I needed to continuously work at not being overcome and was hoping others would join me on the journey.

It is not easy. It is work to keep our head up and keep moving forward.  When my daughter was on winter break traveling through Laos, Thailand and Cambodia I had to focus on not being consumed with anxiety.  There were many days I 576046_4480711936910_449760608_nreminded God that she belonged to Him and I put my trust in Him to watch over her.  I could not do it alone just like I have not been able to take this journey with chronic illness alone.

That is the encouraging news today.  We do not have to walk alone.  There are others that understand  what we are going through. There are those that support us.  There is God that invites us to lean on Him if we desire to.

Next time I want to introduce you to Bill. He has an amazing story.  Please come back and see how he responded to the change that autoimmune disease brought into his life.

Even though my daughter is returning, and the void will temporarily be filled, things are forever changed.  There is no going back.  She has experiences under her belt that I cannot even imagine and many more adventures ahead of her.  But for now, I can’t wait to get my mother’s arms around her and see her infectious smile.200758_4480689656353_2863845_n

Encouraging news if you missed the update last week….Adam has received news that his appeal was won for 2013.  It was a quick turn around.  I think his aggressive, no-nonsense approach was quite effective and a lesson for others.

Thanks for your support.  I welcome your comments.  Until next time….Leslie Rose K

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Romans 12:12  Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

2 responses to this post.

  1. This is an amazing post Leslie! I could identify with this so well. I too keep my faith and know that this journey doesn’t have to be made alone. I know God is always with me and he will lead me through this journey as well as my support friends like you! It’s good to have people who are going through the same journey around you and I know that our little support group helped me so much in the beginning. It may not be meeting now, but the support is what has gotten me through this far along with God. And of course our friendship and support is extremely important to me!! Thanks for another great post Leslie! Oh and I’m so happy for Adam!!! Enjoy having Elizabeth back home as well my friend. Hugs, Brenda


    • Thank you Brenda for your ongoing support of my blog adventure, and for your friendship which is a joy and blessing. I also thank God that we do not have to walk in isolation. We are blessed indeed.


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