How to Manage the Holidays and Stay Healthy

This year Thanksgiving  snuck up on me. I found myself scrambling to get my in-laws’ Christmas gifts,  decided, bought, and wrapped, in time for our trip at Thanksgiving.  With Thanksgiving wrapped up,  the push was on to get ready for Christmas*.

This year the shortened time between both holidays and  the bad weather has people working even harder to get ready for the holidays.  There must be some frazzled and frustrated people out there.  I know I have had my shopper  The Big Three* can wear any one down, and make life more challenging for quite sometime, whether you have  an autoimmune disease such as lupus or not.

While the end of the year is a great time with family and friends, decorations and music, great food and gifts, there is also the shopping, the deadlines, the spending, the excess food and drink, and the endless running around.  If you have lupus this can add to flare ups, more fatigue and sleeplessness, many “I wish I had not’s”, and extra medication.  If you don’t have lupus, it could still lead to trouble.

How do we avoid these things without avoiding the Big Three*? Have you heard the phrase-all things in moderation?  Most of what we are doing, we want to do, and need to do, but it is easy to  go overboard.  My tip in three simple words is Abstain from Excess.  Excess being the key word here.

  • Abstain from all excess activity.  Activities we have no spoons for (see The Spoon Theory).  The activities that will push us spoon theoryover the edge or that are not really necessary.
  • Abstain from excess indulging.  Excess food and alcoholic beverages, anything that will make you feel sluggish, bloated, headachy, or ill.
  • Abstain from excess spending  that will cause stress for the next few months of 2014.
  • Abstain from excess stress.   This will look different for each one of us.  What besides the three areas above cause stress that wears us down and even takes us out? What demands do we put on ourselves that are unnecessary?

I think you get the idea and probably have more to add to the list.  The goal is not lists of things we cannot do, but rather how can we modify or simplify what we do so that we can stay as healthy as possible, and enjoy the

  • Enlist help. Having a party?  Make it a potluck. Ask one or two people to help get the house ready.
  • Find shortcuts. Shop on-line, purchase gift cards, magazine subscriptions, etc. shop on line
  • Save.  Stick to a budget.  Shop the sales.  Kohl’s is great if you have their card.  A painless way to save for Christmas is to let your credit card rewards build up all year.  Start your own Christmas Club and put money in every
  • Be consistent. Try to stick to your normal sleep schedule, exercise, and eat right, as much as possible.  Have some good protein before indulging and drink plenty of purified water.

I hope this helps.  I pray you are enjoying the season as much as I am this year.  It is great to know my daughter will be here celebrating with us.  I am enjoying the decorations and the gifting process.  I am looking forward to baking some cookies and seeing  family that I have not seen since last Christmas.  My little niece is walking and my nephew is roller-skating.

Praying that your holidays are filled with lots of joys big and small, and that you are well enough to enjoy it all.

Many Blessings Leslie Rose K

PS I would like to invite you to stop by Wisdom from God’s Word and check it out.  Each day I share a verses from the bible with a photo and usually a short prayer. It is a great way to start the day. I hope to see you there.

*The Big Three:Thanksgiving; Hanukkah,Christmas,Kwanzaa etc.; New Years.


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  1. Good advice Leslie, the holidays can overwhelm the most organized person. I have adopted the attitude of “what get’s done, gets done and what doesn’t, doesn’t. lol Have a wonderful Holiday season my friend, know that you are thought of often and are loved! Hugs, Brenda


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